Everybody dreads spam. Unsolicited bulk emails trying to sell you dubious products, click on links, or offering you money can be more than just a nuisance. They can trick you into opening attachments with viruses, threaten your security or completely clog up your email. So how exactly do you defeat it?

Spam - The Curse Of Today's Junk Mail

What Is Phishing Spam?

The technique of phishing is a particularly dangerous form of spam used by hackers. This kind of unsolicited email will contain malicious attachments or links to websites. Opening the attachment or clicking the link can then infect your computer with software or viruses. It can also enable hackers to obtain your personal financial data or passwords.

How Do They Get My Email Address?

There are many different ways that hackers can use to collate mail addresses. They can obtain them via chat rooms, email lists, search engines or through an infected PC. Companies using it as a means of advertising will often use “web crawlers” and automated programmes to hunt down email addresses on any public pages. That’s why it is important to keep updated on how to protect yourself on spam.com.

Protecting Yourself Against Attack

There are many small ways that you can help to protect yourself against junk mail and phishing attacks. If they appear suspicious, then do not touch them, even if they are from someone that you know. Only download any software from trusted sites and keep your anti-virus programme updated. Also, ensure that your passwords are strong and do not entrust your personal information to any website unless it is SSL encrypted. Visit Spam.com for more detailed information and tips.